Redeate Dessalegn

I am a firm believer in the saying “a man that traveled for 10 years is as wise as a man that lived for 100 years.” This specific quote explains the main reason why I am passionate about traveling. Traveling opens the opportunity to gain experience that can’t be found in any classroom or in any textbook.

My Travel
This past year, I was fortunate to travel to two remarkable countries. On May 1, I travelled to Mexico and was able to visit 10 of its states, beginning with Mexico City and working my way south. Besides having the opportunity to practice my Spanish and sightsee, I stayed with various families who allowed me to get a real look at what it means to live in Mexico. As a political science student, I was able to explore issues such as immigration, government corruption, and unequal wealth distribution. Furthermore, I was able to visit historical sights and study the complex history of Mexico. With only a traveler’s book and a limited knowledge of the Spanish language, I was able to explore Mexico with the help and love of its citizens who have become my closest friends.

Going Back Home
In January 2008 I returned to my birthplace Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While in Ethiopia, I was able to explore some of the issues that have hindered Ethiopia’s development. Living in the capital city and being able to visit the country side, I was exposed to both the wealthy minority and the impoverished majority.

Future Plans
I experienced the harsh reality of living in a developing country that is struggling to move forward when problems such as the lack of technology, poor agriculture, health care, and education have yet to be resolved. The question of how to move forward is found in both Mexico and Ethiopia; for this reason, I plan to enroll in a graduate program to address this particular problem of development that plagues many countries, specifically those in the African continent.