Diaspora, Social Health, and Worldview

Featured Curriculum

The department has two Featured Curricula: Aesthetics and Creative Production & Diaspora, Social Health, and Worldview.

Diaspora, Social Health, and Worldview

(See the Department's additional Featured Curriculum on Aesthetics and Creative Production)


Introduction to Africana Studies
African American History
History of the African Diaspora
Global Diasporas
Women of Africa & African Diaspora
Cultures of Africa
Black Consciousness
Intro to African American Family
Caribbean History
Afro-Latin America
Caribbean Identities: Historical, National, and Transnational Perspectives
History of Caribbean Slavery
Rebels and Revolutions
Afro Caribbean Dance
West African Dance
African American Dance
Africana Theory & Methodology
African American Health Issues
Health in the African Diaspora
Science and Technology in the Africana Context
Health Discourses in Africana Writing
Early African Civilizations
Comparative Dance Expressions
Learning Paradigms African-American Child Development
Sex and Racism
Dimensions of Racism
African American Experience Sports
Africana World Literature
African Literature and Society
African American Folk Culture
World Literature in Englis