Joseph K Adjaye

  • Professor Emeritus

Recent Publications

  • Diplomacy and Diplomats in 19th Century Asante (1996 [1984])
  • Time in the Black Experience (1984), with Adrianne Andrews
  • Language, Rhythm, and Sound: Black Popular Cultures into the 21st Century
  • Boundaries of Self and Other: Studies in Ghanaian Popular Culture (under contract)


Adjaye has written numerous essays and reviews in History in Africa, The International Journal of African History Studies, Journal of Ethnic Studies, American History Review, Journal of Black Studies, and African Historical Review.

Research Interests

  • African History and Culture (e.g., classical, pre-colonial, modern, diplomatic, pan-Africanism, historical methodology, African spirituality, popular culture, time in Africa and its diaspora, Akan language, history and culture)
  • Caribbean history (slavery, African retentions, Maroon history)

Education & Training

  • PhD, Northwestern University
  • MA, Northwestern University
  • MA, SUNY-Binghamton
  • BA, with honors, University of Ghana