Student Profiles

Cory J. Rodgers

Cory J. Rodgers (A&S '12) graduated with a BS in biological sciences and a Bphil in Africana studies and history and philosophy of science. He also was named a 2012 Rhodes Scholarship winner. Read more about Cory's academic achievements and international studies.

Hellena Admassu

HellenaAs part of the UHC South Africa Field Study Program, seven other Pitt students and I visited a number of cities in South Africa. Read more about Hellena's exciting experience.

Redeate Dessalegn

Traveling opens the opportunity to gain experience that can’t be found in any classroom or in any textbook. Read more about Redeate's trip to Ethiopa.

Martens Roc

I helped to produce an Afrocentric curriculum for the Pittsburgh Public School System with Dr. Jerome Taylor. Learn more about Martens and his experiences within the Department.

Heidi Carpenter

When I took the Introduction to Africana Studies course, I loved the diversity of what I was learning. Read more about Heidi.

Jordan Henderson

As a senior approaching graduation in a few weeks, I find myself reflecting more often over my four years as an undergraduate student at Pitt. Read more about Jordan's attendance at a national conference.